Quick Write #1

Would you defy or betray your parents for love?

No, I wouldn’t betray my parents for love because the greatest love I’ll ever have coming from somebody is from my parents. I learned that parents know what’s best for me and all the more, they should know who I should and should not date. Though maybe your love for that person would be really strong, your parents will never forgive you for you have disobeyed them in a way they can’t forgive you if you ever marry this person. There’s a time for everything and there’s somebody for everyone. If someone that loves you very much from the start tells you no, then listen to them because that could be a sign of knowing that it’s not meant to be. However, it does depend on if you love the person enough to let your parents try to accept this person the way you accept them. If it’s matter because of a quarrel between the adults, then try to set aside your differences if you love this person enough to make it work. Although it seems like it’s difficult to make things works, but if it was real love then at the end everything will work out.

Quick Write #2

At what age should people be allowed to marry? Elaborate on your answer.

The age where people should be allowed to marry is around 25. I believe this because they should be one, done with school; two, have a stable job; and three, be able o take care of not only themselves, but also their life partner. I don’t think that teenagers should be thinking about marriage while they’re in high school for the reason that they don’t have those three aspects up above. If you’re not done with school, then how do you expect to pay for your house & have a job? Most part time jobs nowadays don’t pay good enough money for people to be stable and have a good home. Though it seems that it’s easy because of tv shows and such, it’s actually harder to take care of two people than one person trying to balance school and a job at the same time. If you can’t take care of yourself, how do you expect to your partner to be able to depend on you for things. Being married doesn’t mean having sex all the time and just living together, being married means lovingly helping each other out financially and emotionally. If you don’t have what it takes, then don’t even be married at all.

Quick Write #3

What is love? How do you know when you’re in love? Do you believe in love at first sight?

Honestly, I don’t know exactly know what love is. People tell me that love is something is a feeling towards someone and all this corny stuff but from what I know; love is just a general word for caring for somebody. You would do anything to make them happy and just simply accept them for who they are. You know you’re in-love once you realize that all everything that they are is something you can accept. For example, if his hair is a mess and you know he looks awful today, you would still love that person and help him fix his hair. I know that’s a horrible example, but I know that I have never fallen in-love with somebody and that’s why I can’t elaborate on my answer. I do believe in love at first sight. I believe that a feeling is stronger than words. Saying “I love you” to somebody could mean nothing and simply be a phrase. Whenever you say I love you to somebody, then you must feel a feeling inside right? Of course you do because then that’s how you know that you truly do love that person. As I seen those “love at first sight” moments, I know that when they first looked at each other, there was something that struck the both of them that made them magnetic. Though it seems all vague when you see those two see each other for the first time, but the feeling is only connected to those two. When they looked at each of the first time, I know they have felt like they were the only two people in the world that mattered. Not the dog barking by the hot dog stand or the girl screaming at the top of her lungs even mattered to them. Words are nothing if there’s no addition of feeling.

Quick Write #4

How long should a couple date before they get married? Explain your answer.

I think a couple should date for about three years before getting married for the reason that being married is a life time commitment which also means that you will be with this person for the rest of your life or “death do them part”. You only have one life, so might as well make the best of everything that happens in your life. Frankly, I also think it depends on how strong the bond is in the relationship. You could be dating for about two years but have no strong connection between each other whatsoever which then results to increasing the divorce percentage. However, the dating is only three years, but the engagement should be 1-2 years because now that they have a promise, they have to teach themselves how to commit to a promise because dating is only a title and events that happen to make the make the bond stronger and getting to know each other. They could be boyfriend and girlfriend but they don’t have a solid promise that’s being presented to not only themselves but to other people as well. A couple should be able to show that they’re strong enough to go through everything with each other in order to know that they’re capable of getting married.

Quick Write #5

Write about revenge? Is it a worthwhile pursuit?
Consider the following quote: “an eye for an eye will make the whole world blind.” (Gandhi)

I honestly think that revenge had no positive outcome. After you commit revenge to someone, the person will do revenge to you and then the cycle back. It’s stupid, immature, and has no point. It’ll just make you even angrier if they do something bad to you back. Although revenge feels good in the beginning, in the long run you’re only hurting yourself. It seems like the only people who commit revenge are the people who don’t have the guts to actually put their foot down and just take the heat. To immature people, you look really bad if you don’t “punch” the guy back, but for the mature people, you’re considered wise because like Gandhi said, “an eye for an eye will make the whole world blind.” It’s not worthwhile to pursuit at all and if you want to commit revenge, go for it if you want to look like a complete idiot and end up hurting yourself. Everything may seem like it’s in your hands at first but if they backfire at you, then you have to keep on going so you could feel the glory yourself. You pop an eye out of your enemy; your enemy pops an out of you. You pop the other eye out of your enemy; your enemy pops the other out of you. You punch your enemy out in the gut; your enemy will punch you right back. Revenge, as a matter of fact, is evidentially dimwitted.

Quick Write #6

If you were in Juliet’s position, what would you do?

If I were in Juliet’s position, I would just marry Paris. Romeo is gone and there’s no way he’s coming back. He’s banished from Verona. He can’t just come back and let them be together in secret. That’s breaking the rules. Also, Juliet can’t go to Mantua just to see Romeo everyday to be with the person she loves. Romeo isn’t too stable either. He doesn’t have a house, he doesn’t have money with him, and he’s basically a one man show. They’re both really young and in this type of situation, I don’t believe that Romeo and Juliet are in-love. They’re infatuated and both of them will get over it soon. Paris is offering her so many things in life that I, as an audience, believe that Romeo can’t do for Juliet. In their economy, you can’t just make a living by yourself without any money or help. Paris is giving her the opportunity to be happy without being stressed over financial difficulties. Love is something that comes when it comes and sometimes, especially in this type of situation, love can grow. Juliet can learn to love Paris with all of things he could do for her. I believe that parents know what’s best for their daughters and sons and in this situation; I believe Juliet’s parents believe that they’re doing the right thing for their daughter. Relating to what I said earlier, Paris has something that money could buy. Juliet will always “love” Romeo, but he’s gone. Though I know all of this sounds selfish, but love is something that can grow.

Quick Write #7

Write about suicide. Consider the following: what drives people to commit suicide? Is it ever worth it? How does it affect others?

What drives people to commit suicide is when things don’t go their way and they know things will never go their way. The media depicts heaven as a sweet, beautiful place for rest and tranquility. Since they can’t have peace and tranquility here on earth, they rather kill themselves with death. Suicide seems like the easiest way to happiness because all you have to do is feel minutes of pain and at the end, you’ll have that peace that you’ve been wanting. Suicide is nothing but an easy way out and that’s how most people see it. This affects other because the people that loved that person that committed suicide just illustrated to them that they didn’t take care of that person enough to let him not commit suicide. Some people do it for love; some people do it for insignificant reasons at the end, the person’s dead. Another thing that drives people to commit suicide is the choice of dying. In natural death, people don’t choose to die, however, in suicide they choose to die.