Week #1: Romeo

My cousin Benvolio told me that that was another conflict established with my family, the Montague’s and our rivals, the Capulet. Benvolio said that the servants of the Capulet’s, Sampson and Gregory decided to create quarrel by sticking a thumb at one of my servants, Abram. While that was happening, my cousin Benvolio came into the conversation and tried to end the fight. Then the hot headed cousin nephew of Lady Capult, Tybalt decided to intrude the quarrel which then exacerbated the situation. At the end, the prince comes and ends the fight. During all of those problems, I locked myself up in my room as I sadly thought about Rosaline; the stranger I have fallen in-love with. She has rejected me and I have to say, that she’s the most beautiful creature I have ever laid eyes on. Infatuated as I am, I have found out that she will be attending a Capulet party. I know my parents would be devastated if I attended and the Capulet’s would be aggravated if they caught me, but I know I’m in-love with this gorgeous human being and no matter what my cousin, Benvolio tries to say to persuade me that there’s other girls, I know that she’s the one.

Week #2: Juliet

The nurse and my mother called me loudly right before the party. I was lingering around the facility with wonder. When I got into the room, the nurse already started laughing about a story that happened when I younger. It was quite funny actually, but mother told her to hush. Mother told me that a fair man named Paris was in like of me. Nurse says Paris is a man of wax. If only I knew what that meant. I'm not that interested in loving someone right now. Even father knows that I'm only so young. I'm not even 14 yet and already, Paris wants to court me. I don't even know what love is at all. However, not until love at first sight Romeo was the perfect moment. If I only I could hold on to the love I experienced with him. However, he is a foe of my family. Oh what shall I do without the love I bestow for him? I don’t want to marry Paris… though he shall give me such happiness, the love I have for Romeo will forever bind my heart with pure bliss.

Week #3: Friar Laurence

In bright morrow, Romeo ran to me quickly. I was so happy to see my young boy because I’ve heard that he has been sickly in-love with Rosaline yesterday. He looked so happy and I felt warmth in my heart. I could tell he didn’t sleep at all yet. However, he asked me if I could conduct marriage between him and the beautiful Juliet Capulet. At first, I was very quick at almost saying no. I mean just last night he was love sick over the beautiful Rosaline because he rejected her. Then all of a sudden, he comes to me and asks me to conduct marriage? The boy is only so young and going so fast with love. But then when I really came to think of it, this marriage could finally finish the ancient family feud of the Montague’s and Capulet’s. I agreed to the marriage even if he was being quite quick with this marriage.
Then in afternoon, Romeo comes to my cell and talks to me about getting marriage. He talks about how much he’s in-love with her and he wants to get married so badly. I try talking him out of it and tell him to love moderately, but there’s no turning back now. I agreed to my word and I shall keep it. Juliet came by minutes after and already they started kissing like fools. I still believe so strongly that they’re just going way too fast. Romeo should be more sensible when dealing with this. Marriage is death do they part and I really wonder if they’re being intelligent when dealing with marriage.

Week #4: Nurse

Oh my beautiful Juliet, oh my beautiful Juliet. I would have never thought she would be getting married. After my meeting with Romeo by the temple in the morning, I came straight to Juliet with laughter and teasing. She was so eager to hear what Romeo had to say about the marriage. I love fooling around with her because she is quite gullible and impatient when it comes to news like this. I told her about the marriage plans and I saw that big beautiful smile.
After the nuptials, Juliet and I leave. Juliet gets all excited about the meeting with Romeo that night. However, Romeo goes to his friend Mercutio and his cousin, Benvolio after. Juliet’s cousin Tybalt challenged Romeo to a duel for his revenge against Romeo when he came to the Capulet party that night before. Tybalt was angry as ever just wanting to fight Romeo. But Romeo wouldn’t budge because just 3 hours ago Romeo became family with Tybalt and Romeo refuses to fight family. Then Romeo’s crazy friend, Mercutio came into the fight. Tybalt accepted and they began to duel. Romeo got in the middle of them because he wanted it to stop. Tybalt got Mercutio in the gut and Mercutio died. Romeo was angry that Tybalt killed his best friend so Romeo came into the picture. Romeo nailed Tybalt and this made controversy. Romeo ran away while Tybalt bled there and died. The Prince, Capulet’s, Montague’s, and citizens came to the fight scene. The Capulet’s demanded that a Montague should be killed for the equality of Tybalt’s death. The Prince asked Benvolio the scene and Benvolio told him that Tybalt killed Romeo’s friend, Mercutio then Romeo killed Tybalt. The Capulet’s made an objection and stated that Benvolio is Montague so he would be on the Montague side. Romeo is then forced to exile Verona instead of death.
I came to Juliet that afternoon and told her. She thought that both Romeo and Tybalt were dead because I was talking in circles. At first, Juliet was angry at Romeo and then she was angry at Tybalt. Juliet then explained that she would rather have Romeo die because then they will have to part ways knowing that each other is alive. I felt so bad for Juliet because she was drowning in tears. So I promised her that I will bring Romeo to her. I then traveled to Friar Laurence’s cell while Friar Laurence was explaining to Romeo that Romeo had to be banished from Verona. Romeo cried and cried and threatened to kill himself. I finally told him that Juliet wants to see him before he leaves. Friar Laurence tells him the plan of his banishment which is for Romeo to see Juliet tonight and then leave before dawn. Then go to Mantua until everything dies. Romeo feels sad about that and just wishes for death. He rather spend time with Juliet in heaven then anything in the world. I felt so bad for the boy and I told him to man up. Friar Laurence then gave him a lecture. Oh poor boy, poor boy.

Week #5: Lady Capulet

Count Paris has purposed to have the wed to Juliet soon. I know she’s going to become very happy again since she’s been sobbing over the death of her beloved cousin, Tybalt. I know she loved her cousin so much and I believe that this marriage will attain many successful blessing not only to her, but to me and Capulet. Although the death of Tybalt isn’t affecting me that much anymore, I know that if I’m over it, she’ll be over it too.
However, Juliet and the nurse have been acting a little weird lately so I don’t know exactly what’s going on. But furthermore, Juliet will be a happy bride this coming Wednesday.
Oh no! What a fool, what a fool! Mine child has just refused the marriage to Count Paris. I wish she were in her grave! I’m so angry. Her father and I are giving her away to rich Count Paris and she refuses? This is balderdash! I don’t get how a young child could refuse the marriage to such a handsome man that has money. I wonder that about that Juliet! If she doesn’t marry Count Paris, I will surely disown her.

Week #6: Prince

I don’t possibly understand how this all could happen. Juliet was found dead in her bedroom the day of her wedding. The Friar insisted in bring Juliet to the Capulet tomb. Balthasar, Romeo’s servant, told Romeo that Juliet was dead & Romeo came back to Verona when he was specifically banned from the city. Romeo, getting poison from an apothecary, came to the Capulet tomb and found Paris leaving flowers by the tomb. Romeo didn’t mean to do any harm but Paris insisted on a duel. Romeo then killed Paris and put him in the Capulet tomb as promised. Romeo then finds Juliet in the tomb and cries & sobs. He doesn’t know that Juliet was in a fake coma and he promised himself and her that he will lay dead right next to her. Romeo then drinks the poison from the apothecary and dies right there. A few minutes after, Juliet wakes up from her coma finding Romeo dead. The Friar insists on having Juliet come with him back to the cell but she refuses and stabs herself with Romeo’s dagger to die with her husband. We were all very surprised into the repulsive acts of the young couple. This led to the death of Romeo’s mother, Lady Montague. This has been such a terrible night and we now question if the quarrel between the ancestors the reason for the death of their children?